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Joanna Besteiro Barnett was born and raised in the southern border town of Brownsville, Texas, to a father who was a mortician and owned his own funeral home, and a mother who was a Deputy and Investigator for the Cameron County Sheriff's Department. Her early education began in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico at an all-girl Catholic school where her parents sent her to learn Spanish properly and is now fluent in both Spanish and English. Her college education began at the University of Texas in San Antonio where she majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Legal Studies; however, she moved to San Diego, California, and completed her education and received a BA in Legal Studies with a Minor in Criminal Justice. Aside from Brownsville, she has lived in many scenic places, including San Diego, CA, Bisbee, AZ, Jackman, ME, and currently resides in the beautiful west Texas town of Alpine. Although not trained in the fine arts or photography, she inherited a passion for the art from her Grandfather and Uncle who were avid photographers and camera collectors. Because of them, she always had a camera in her hand from the time she as very young. Unfortunately, they both passed away before being able to teach her how to truly love the craft. After leaving the corporate-legal world behind, she is now proud to be a homemaker while raising her two children, and has devoted much of her time to photography. Everything she knows is self-taught and her enthusiasm continues to grow with every passing year. She loves to capture the essence of a moment, the magic of the world around her, and the spirit living behind the eyes of all creatures big and small. Her first award was the “A” Mountain Award in the 2012 Shooting Alpine Photo Contest for her entry titled “2012 Annular Solar Eclipse over Alpine”. She truly believes that photography is not about success or recognition, but it's about a journey through this short life and she enjoys taking people along with her on these journeys through the lens of a camera.

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